The keyboard I use to learn to play thhe piano

The piano or the keyboard which is better to learn

If you’re choosing to learn to play the piano with a keyboard, you will find that it has many advantages over learning how to play the piano on a regular piano. Though’ you may think studying one is as easy as the other, the keyboard as a musical instrument is outstanding in a lot of ways. On a piano, you just have one sort of musical instrument that you will be able to play and that is the piano. Keyboards permit you to mimic the sounds of a lot of divers musical instruments. Most keyboards can mimic the sounds of 100’s of musical instruments and permit you to put down tracks, on the keyboard! While you study how to play the keyboard, you’re learning all those musical instruments without being forced to take extra lessons. Sounds can include:

My Own Keyboard I bought many years ago

A lot of types of pianos

Percussive instruments

Organs of all sorts and likings

Stringed instruments (fiddle, viola, cello, contrabass)

Brass instruments (horn, tuba, trombone)

All the woodwind instruments (clarinet, flute, sax)


More sound options

The sounds from a piano coming from a keyboard can sounds like a grand piano, electric piano, honky-tonk and a lot more! There could even be specific effects accessible like bird sounds, phone rings and additional novelty sounds. When you study on how to fiddle the keyboard, you will also get to select from a assortment of background sounds that can be attach to your primary tune. You will be able to select among the following:







More advanced keyboard models may have more choices.

Get off to a great start

if you’re a student playing the keyboard will get you off to a great start. There are keyboard versions that will display to you all notes that needs to be played next. It’s a comfortable technique of studying, that leads students into a better apprehension of music. The keyboard is smaller in size then a piano and there for more portable . A keyboard, if it is modest enough, can go anyplace with you. This makes it effortless to practice in different surroundings. Keyboards are cheaper and easier to find. Although pianos can be very expensive, you will be able to retrieve a keyboard for as cheap as in the classified advertisement or one a eBay auction site.

Learn Piano with midi keyboard

There are keyboards that have a higher price tag because there are more complex  But for a little investment you will be able to choose if playing the keyboard is really the thing for you. I would, however, suggest a keyboard with 76 keys. I bought one of those when I started to learn the piano and I know they don’t have to be expensive. In the time to come, you’ll be able to upgrade your keyboard selection to a more featured keyboard.

Amusing way to get into music

Learning to play the keyboard is one of the most painless and most amusing ways to get into the music. There are a lot of songs usable for the keyboard, and with exercise there’s no limitation to what you can play! A 76 key keyboard will give you even more options. You will be able to experiment a great deal with the keyboard; and even create your own single band, complete with beats, piano, trumpets, string instruments and potentially even your own voice. Who knows? You might even bring out a demo that you could send to a music producer. You can do it all with the keyboard!

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